edu2 is your source for online eCommerce sales and marketing capability. Our founders have over 20 years of experience working with college and university partners to create, sell and deliver both online and traditional education services.  We created edu2 to help schools deliver faster, more convenient and more accessible education options for students - all at a pace that matches their purchasing expectations.  

 At edu2, we provide a customized eCommerce solution for colleges and universities that ensures they can meet the needs of their clients and students.  By providing a platform for streamlined financial transaction services, accessible and professional customer service and support, alongside effective client marketing strategies, edu2 offers a comprehensive solution for today's best colleges and universities to move learning forward.


edu2 encourages and facilitates purchase decisions.  
Our simple, well-designed eCommerce site encourages purchase decisions by showcasing your courses at their best.  With a searchable and convenient catalog, purchasing is easy, with plenty of product reviews and recommendations to encourage the sale.



edu2 is convenient: for students and for schools.  
Why make it difficult for a customer to buy your products?  Your administrators should be focused on creating and maintaining quality programs - not taking orders.



edu2 can tap into social media and other marketing platforms that generate enrollment.
Social and professional networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and CampusEd allow students to share their purchases, organically suggesting these products to their peers.



edu2 can broaden your brand.  
Your institution can easily become a marketplace for a variety of education products – books, study guides, etc. – driving revenue beyond just enrollments.



edu2 offers students a personalized experience. 
With unique customer sign-on, edu2 can make personalized recommendations based on past purchases, receive product suggestions and industry information via email as well as 24/7 customer service via live chat and phone.



edu2 creates an attractive, flexible storefront that can even tap into your current registration system.  
Every school is different and your online solutions have to be as unique as your institution.  edu2 can create a custom storefront for your school that can be changed in seconds, begin a  sale with the flip of a switch or launch an email marketing campaign in moments – all done by edu2 account managers.